How I built the new Pictures page.

The pictures.htm page has undergone several iterations, at the start of this site the picture content was pretty small, so I could get away with using a single pictures page without the need for catagorising into subpages. This was untidy when picture numbers passed forty or so, I didn't want to use a Flash menu because of the difficulty in maintenace (not being a Flash developer means modifications are slow) so keep it to RollOvers and Javascript. Hovering over one of the righthand menu options gives a sample thumbnail and a text description of each picture in the catagory. The text is controlled by a fading JavaScript, this gives a smooth transition, although that means it's not plain text for SearchEngines to find.

Firstly, I new I already had the basic 'site concept' fixed in my mind (black background, dark blues and reds keeping it simple).

Prior to the update, the pictures page was a standard html page called from the 'main loop' flash menu on the index page, nothing special about that http://www.tonyboon.co.uk/pictures_old.htm

I wanted to expand the capability of the pictures page, this would mean categorizing the pictures and building pages for each category, excellent I thought, another chance for a FlashKit menu system. The menu selected is a nice one, although has proved tricky to modify and impossible to add more boxes, thus I will only be have four picture sub-selections. I have a feeling that this menu system will be changing in the future.

Although all of the above has now been scraped and replaced with a single page containing all the thumbnails (with a fancy highlight effect on mouse over). I'm not sure if I like that form either, I prefer sub categories and will probably change this in the future, but it's what you have currently.


Midair Pictures
I had this idea when on holiday in Gran Canaria (October 2003), we stayed in one of those all-in hotels, where they have a pretend beach. The 'sand' was a white fine gravel, you could grab a hand full and toss in the air to make interesting shapes. I thought all I need to do is take a picture midair and it might prove interesting. So I set to working trying to build a machine that could successfully propel items into the air in a controlled fashion. After a few attempts at various types, I settled for this one. It was possible to control the firing and time the picture taking, although I didn't build something to perform both automatically I simple used by hands. Although the results are as good if not better than I imaged I'm still not completely happy with them. Focusing is a problem, it was not possible to determine exactly where in the air the objects would be each time, so that was a bit of hit and miss. Also, the majority of the pictures were taken with an aperture setting of F2.8 thus some of the object is in focus and some not. But still, I like the idea and I'm pleased with what I have so far.

All the Pictures within the Pictures page and sub-pages are owned by me and are Copyright FREE, they may be copied without consent.


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