Most of the combatants in the Arena are older than Anarki, but that doesn't bother him. He made his name as an enforcer for the Random Access gang. Once upon a time, Anarki had his own personality and his own memories

Now, thanks to the constant downloads of cybronic software, the real Anarki has been blended with the stolen ideas from thousands of people and memories of battles both real and virtual. There';s no distinction in Anarki's mind between the virtual word and the real world. In fact, this cybronic implants make the world through Anarki's eyes appear like the virtual world he's most comfortable in.

Anarki goes through just about anything to get his ands on a shotgun, including you! It is far and away his favorite weapon. He also always attempts to get the tow power-ups that appear in his arena. Anarki has little respect for anything but himself and doesn't take losing well.


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