The life of a bounty hunter is never an easy one; do it long enough and you'll see just about everything eventually. Daemia Maria Ruiz will kill anything of the right price, and over the course of her career, she's killed about everything that walks, talks or crawls. By now, she's seen things that would give even the toughest career campaigner nightmares, but Daemia shrugs them off and bows them away.

Daemia is a very good shot, and she's a tough target because of here penchant for jumping. Daemia's first love is terms of weapons is the shotgun, although she never hesitates to grab the rocket launcher when it is available. She's not shy about using the grenade launcher either. Daemia also loves QuadDamage and will seek it out. Daemia takes her skills seriously and doesn't much fancy your changes, even when you kill her.


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