Lance Corporal Ben Keel of the Terran Commonwealth Special Forces was killed on Subic III during the Spiker Insurrection as he attempted to rout a nest of rebel artillery. Six months later, Keel was born. A cybronically-enhanced warrior, Keel is a product of alien bioengineering and Terran refinements of powered armor, he is much more than simply a battle bot. He's also substantially less than human. His programming instructs him to fight and kill without mercy or regard for his own safety. This is not to say that he doesn't defend himself but Keel's instincts and his hardwired code suggests that the best way to prevent dying is to eliminate all opposition.

In many way, Keel is the opposite of Stripe. He is almost totally geared for the attack and rarely breaks off combat once it starts. The railgun is his preferred method of destruction and he is more that competent with it. Keel does out his respect grudgingly.


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