When cybronic enhancements became the rage, the line of distinction between life and death became blurred. Patriot found this amusing, simply because he had walked that line for years. A vampire, Patriot is neither truly alive nor completely dead, but is an undead being preying on the living for food. Cybronic implants give him additional power and strength to complement his already incredible abilities, and give him new methods by which he can drain the life of his victims, Still a creature of his cravings, Patriot now hunger for victory instead of simple sustenance.

Patriot like using the plasma gun and generally seeks it out in most situations. He also likes to take the QuadDamage , especially when he can use it with his favorite weapon. He generally views anyone else he fights as less of an opponent and more of a snack of later, but it's hard not to like his approach regardless.


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