Ranger has paid the ultimate sacrifice for his world. Trained to protect the Earth at all costs and dedicated to no other task, Ranger was sent through slipgate after slipgate, from world to world, and from battle to battle. He survived, partly by luck and but mostly from skill. After so many battle, there is little of the original man left. Even his real name is gone. He knows his world is safe, but he also knows there is no way back home. He is resigned to his fate in the Arena Eternal. While it's not what he would have chosen for himself, he knows hat this is his destiny and he is determined to survive.

Ranger loves both the rocket launcher and the plasma gun, He tends to go for the rocket launcher more often, but he's just as likely to use either if he's got them both. When it's available to him, he also likes to go for the railgun. Ranger is much more likely to throw and insult your way and even if you peg him with a good shot most of his praise is of the back-handed sort.


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