Before humans came to the Arena Eternal, Uriel reigned here. Alleged to be descended from the Arena Masters themselves, Uriel and his race have inspired lesser creatures to run in terror from their vicious claws. Fro eons, nothing less than the Masters themselves dared to challenge Uriel. Now, this powerful gargoyle grows tired of combat and constant conflict. While he yearns for the release that death will bring, he still must defend himself to the death. Only on truly worthy of assuming his mantle can progress past hi, and this is not a mantle he will give up easily

Uriel protects himslect when necessary but is prone to fits of rage against a particular opponent. The lightning fun and the plasma gun are the tools of choice, but he won't hesitate to find and use the BFG10K if one is available. Uriel's speeches indicate both his desire to die and his equal desire to conquer.


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