Wrack has memories ... somewhere! There's not a lot left from his former life, and what there is comes in bursts and flashers. He can recall training for ..something and there are some memories of fighting large and nasty creatures. He can remember other arenas at times, although not these arenas, and the ones he remembers, like anything from the good ol; days, where better. The explosions were louder and the rockets where bigger. Most importantly, he was better. He brags that he was the master of the arenas once, but things aren't like they used to be.

Wrack is unusual in that he jumps less than average for thirdtier enemy. He loves the plasma gun and uses it more that any other weapon. Wrack's comments drift in and out of coherence. Sometimes he knows what' s ogin on - other thims he semme to be havin glackac to an earlier time (or an earlier game)


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