No one is more deadly than the mutant Xaero. His entire being is centered on death and destruction. Countless victories in the Arena Eternal have made him the ultimate master of the carnage he surveys. Xaero claims to be able to see in the minds of his opponents, allowing him to guess their next move and kill them before they can kill him. He is unbeaten in the arenas, and this has made him brash Xaero is definitely not overconfident though - he can do what he says. Xaero is the true master of the Quake III Arena universe, firing with deadly accuracy and attacking with lightning speed. Only the best ever see him and only the true masters survive his onslaught.

Xaero is aggressive and vengeful and take any insult very personally. However, he's not so battle-mad that he won't break off combat to heal if need be. He likes the railgun and the BFG and if available, he'll hunt down the invisibility icon. Xaero respects very little, so any praise he gives you is earned indeed.


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