RTCW Console Commands

HUD Commands
This class of commands affects different displays on the heads up display. Most can be changed in the game menus.

/toggle cg_drawcompass
Toggles the compass on or off.
/toggle cg_draw2d
Turns the entire Heads Up Display either on or off.
/toggle cg_drawfps
Either shows or hides your frame-per-second in the upper right-hand corner.
Changes your field of view. Higher values give you a "fishbowl" effect that some players like, as it gives them better periferal vision.
/toggle cg_drawtimer
Shows the amount of time left on the level. Not too useful, since there's a clock on the screen by default.
/toggle cg_gibs
Toggles whether or not gibs are drawn when someone is hit particularly hard.
/toggle cg_drawteamoverlay
Draws or hides the team overlay information that shows health and location of all your teammates.
Tries to reconnect to the last server you were connected to.
Kills you. Useful for quickly dying so you can respawn as a different class or with a different weapon.
Quits the game
Shows the current server's settings.
/toggle r_fullscreen
Will toggle between windowed and full screen mode. You must restart the game each time it's changed. NB Windows utility Atl + Enter can do this function without the need to restart the game.
Voice Chat Commands
These commands affect the chat and voice commands.
/toggle cg_novoicechats
Setting this to 0 will make it so that the quick chat messages (e.g., "Medic!" or "I need ammo") will not make any audible sounds. They will, however, still show up as text.
/toggle cg_novoicetext
Setting this to 0 will make it so the quick chat messages do not show their text messages (but you will still hear audio).
/toggle cg_teamchatsonly
Setting this to 0 will make it so that you only see chat messages from your team.
/bind X "vsay Y" or /bind X "vsay_team Y"
X is a keyboard key and Y is a term from the list below. This allows you to bind specific voice commands/comments to one key instead of using the menu to navigate to the one you want. Use one of the commands below to get the desired effect:
/bind X "vsay GoodGame"
/bind X "vsay Hi"
/bind X "vsay Cheer"
/bind X "vsay Bye"
/bind X "vsay Thanks"
/bind X "vsay GreatShot"
/bind X "vsay Oops"
/bind X "vsay_team FireInTheHole"
/bind X "vsay_team HoldYourFire"
/bind X "vsay_team TakingFire"
/bind X "vsay_team AllClear"
/bind X "vsay_team DynamitePlanted"
/bind X "vsay_team DisarmDynamite"
/bind X "vsay_team DynamiteDefused"
/bind X "vsay_team EnemyWeak"
/bind X "vsay_team Incoming"
/bind X "vsay_team DefendObjective"
/bind X "vsay_team ClearPath"
/bind X "vsay_team PathCleared"
/bind X "vsay_team LetsGo"
/bind X "vsay_team Medic"
/bind X "vsay_team NeedAmmo"
/bind X "vsay_team NeedEngineer"
/bind X "vsay_team OnDefense"
/bind X "vsay_team OnOffense"
/bind X "vsay_team NeedBackup"
/bind X "vsay_team FollowMe"
/bind X "vsay_team Sorry"
/bind X "vsay_team Welcome"
/bind X "vsay_team Affirmative"
/bind X "vsay_team Negative"
/bind X "vsay_team IamEngineer"
/bind X "vsay_team IamMedic"
/bind X "vsay_team IamLieutenant"
/bind X "vsay_team IamSoldier"
Server Commands
These commands only work if you are the one who has set up the server. Some of them are useful, some of them are wacky.
/map restart
Resets the map. Everyone starts over and all previous server changes will now take place.
/sv_maxclients <number>
Sets the maximum number (xx) of players that can connect to your server.
/timelimit <number>
Sets the time limit on the map to that many minutes.
/kick [name]
Kicks the named player from the server.
/g_friendlyFire 0/1
Sets friendly fire to either off (0) or on (1)
Will force the Axis and Allies sides to have equal number of players.
/g_warmup <number>
Sets the warm up period before each round to that many seconds.
/g_gravity <number>
Sets the gravity setting to that number. Lower numbers mean less gravity where players can jump huge distances.
/g_speed <number>
Sets the base movement speed for players on the server. Higher numbers mean players move fast.
Network Commands
These commands affect the way the game handles incoming and outgoing data. Tweaking these may improve your network performance.
/cl_maxpackets <number>
Cchanges your maxpackets setting to that number. Try 100 for a LAN, 60 for broadband, and 30 for modems.
/cl_packetdup <number>
Changes your packetdup setting to that number. Try 0 for a LAN, 1 for broadband, and 1 for modems.
/cl_snaps <number>
Changes your snaps setting to that number. Try 40 for all 'net connections.
/cl_rate <number>
Changes your rate setting to that number. Try 25000 for a LAN, a figure between 25000 and 62000 for broadband, and 5500 for modems.
Miscellaneous Commands
/name <string>

Sets the player name string, colours are obtained thus /name ^1Player^6Name - Player is RED, Name is PINK (colours are - 1 - Red 2 - Green 3 - Yellow 4 - Blue 5 - Light Blue 6 - Pink 7 - White 8 - Black 9 - Red

/g_syncronousclients 1
(or choose it from the server setup menu)
Starts recording
once you're done recording
/demo <filename>
Play back the demo

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