April 25, 2017


Tony Boon, born on the Devon coast, close to Cornwall
trained as a Radio Officer in the Merchange Navy

I find is tiresum to create a biography or statement about myself, infact, I think it's rather pointless as others only see one side of my personality. I had lunch recently with some friends who have known me for many years, I'm talking over ten years here. They expressed surprise that my 'Mackerel Moiety' artwork had been shown in the Bristol RWA Open Annual Exhibition. In fact, they didn't know I has an artist at all.

This is because they reside within the IT region of Tony Boon.

Whereas, those on the Wine Tours where I am the guide see me very differently.

I have been considering two approaches here 1. a list of words which I feel describe my personality traits (the problem with this, is that, say, as a father I have a trait which as an artist I don't, thus those reading this who reside in the farther section maybe confused and possibly disbelieving of that trait. Vice Versa in a tangled intersection of this. 2. A description of each region of personality, e.g. Tony Boon the Artist, the Father, the IT worker etc ...